Among many others, you can find Michel Marang on these fine CDs

Music for clarinet and accordion

Jacob TV, Manneke & others

Michel Marang plays klezmer.

Various line-ups

Teaser for CD with CalefaXL

Reich, Bach, Ravel

Harvest of some Russian tours

Gantsov, Altena, Hoenderdos ao

Microtonal music
by Sander Germanus

Transfiguration by Messiaen

with RSO

MAE plays Robert Ashley

(click picture for fragment)

Telegraphic by Yannis Kyiakides

Musikfabrik plays Richard Ayres

Low kick and hard bob with Solex

Asko/Schönberg plays Donatoni

Musikfabrik plays Brian Ferneyhough

Solo works by
Rashid Kalimullin

Various Dutch solopieces

Witte Nachten: Dutch poetry on music

Odessa Express plays klezmer

Hugo Claus put to music

Insomnio plays Jukka Tiensuu

Dreams of the Blind by Kyriakides

Nieuw Ensemble plays Ferneyhough's Shadowtime

Pierrot Lunaire with

Charlotte Riedijk

Stockhausen , MM with Marco Blauw and Musikfabrik

by Maarten Altena

Theatre Music
by Jeff Hamburg

Paramyth, with Barbara Lüneburg and Reinier van Houdt

Medea by Calliope Tsoupaki

(Click for audio fragment)