Various media: a random collection of impressions of past and present projects. Have fun!


Trailer for a new, highly inspiring trio. A group that is dealing very freely with existing and new musical material. More info and audio on our website.
Antonis Pratsinakis, cello - Erica Roozendaal, accordion - Michel Marang, clarinet


Part of a livestream in an empty and cold  Amsterdam Concertgebouw in corona times, replacing 2021 JACE Chanuka concert.

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Parasha's Song

A low-fi recording of a wonderful transcription by Rustem Abyasov of Strawinsky's aria from "Mavra" , played by myself and the State Chamber Orchestra.


Bach Festival Dordrecht. In this edition playing ​Passacaglia und Fugue with the CalefaXL project.

More of it (Bach, Ravel, Reich) you can find under this external link or order a CD at


A trio version of the impressive The Fence, the Rooftop and the Distant Sea, written by Syrian composer Kinan Azmeh. One take performance by trio Roadrunner. 22 minutes, make sure you have time and good speakers.


A very jewish version of Ouverture on Hebrew Themes.

Concertgebouw Amsterdam 2017.

Joan Berkhemer, Noa Eijl, Julia Dinerstein, Tal Strauss, Maya Fridman, Michel Marang.


​A wonderful piece by and with Yannis Kyriakides on electronics, Monica Germino on violin

Verspottung from Michael's Reise

From Stockhausen's Donnerstag aus Licht​ with Fie Schouten

Live in Paris. Not in view: we're almost stumbling across the feet of Pierre Boulez, sitting on the first row ).


More Stockhausen

After numerous concerts, and  having worked closely with the composer on some of his keyworks, particularly Harlequin, it is time to pass on the tradition. Click on the image for a downloadable pdf containing full detail information on repertoire, concerts and masterclasses.

Brahms op. 115

Nostalgia: the very first time I played the Brahms Quintet, one rehearsal . Two short fragments.


Fragment of Pierrot Lunaire, with a.o. Charlotte Riedijk and Charles Watts.

Concertgebouw Amsterdam 2011

Film music

Music for the movie "Militairen in de Mijnstreek" by Frederieke Jochems, composed by Michel Marang, with Elisabeth Smalt on viola and Peter van Os on accordion.


Three short fragments of Aaron Coplands clarinet concerto.

Low-fi live recording, State Chamber Orchestra, Russia.

Photos by Ansel Adams


By Daan Manneke, for bass clarinet and accordion. With Peter van Os.

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Trailer of Ensemble Scala, playing microtonal music on ordinary instruments and on the infamous 31-tone Fokker organ


Small fragment of our wonderful CalefaXL recording of Steve Reich's New York Counterpoint. The video, made for kids, is a quickly fabricated compilation of ordinary holiday pictures.
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Justice LIVE!

A shorter live version of The Justice of this Nation.

Recorded in Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam dec 28th 2017.

For more info look on the dedicated page on this website.


A step outside my usual practise, into the world of children's theatre.

Dodo is an intriguing "roadmovie" about a retarded girl finding her roots.

Theater Sonnevanck, directed by  Flora Verbrugge, with Dorien van Gent en Maarten Hutten

Shifting Images

Trailer for the ongoing program "Shifting Images", for clarinet, photo sequences and tape.

See the dedicated page on this website

Unheavenly harp

Fragments of a highly accessible program for clarinet & harp. Strawinsky, Stockhausen,  traditional and impressionist music spiced with wild impros. With Annemieke IJzerman.

Clarinet & piano

Excerpt of a program consisting mainly of improvisational pieces, of very different character.

With Kateryna Stadnichenko on piano.


Impression of a great program for clarinet and cello, organized around "The Fence, the Rooftop and the Distant Sea" by Syrian composer Kinan Azmeh. Also works by Bartok, Poulenc, Xenakis and juicy improvisations. With Maya Fridman, violoncello.


Some fragments of the première from the monumental suite for clarinet and pipa by Mao Zhu. Live performed in Chengdu, China by Tang Hua on pipa and Michel Marang on clarinet.


I played and still play "Abîme des Oiseaux" since I was fifteen and in 1991 I finally had the chance to work on it with the composer. A happy moment, sometimes all lines in life come together..



Live registration of the premiere of Shutterspeed during the online version of festival Dag in de Branding 6/6/2020
Music by Arnold Marinissen, clarinet & image by Michel Marang.

A tip of the veil: the music is a construction of splinters from well-known clarinet pieces, connected by a live clarinet, accompanied by camera sounds.
All is about time, remembering and fading away. Just like music, photos are pieces of controlled time...
Three panels are projected; on the outer two (more difficult to see) we see archive images of the cited composers. Occasionally, tiny photos appear over the (quiet) image in the center panel, immediately dissolving.
Slowly, the whole is overgrown by a growing tree (time). We already saw this tree at the beginning. When the music again starts from the beginning, the panels are empty again and the tree starts to grow again. Die ewige Wiederkehr, Nietzsche would say :-)



Armenian song in a version for clarinet and guitar, as used in "The Justice of this Nation" (see dedicated page).

Michel Marang, clarinet & digital guitar


Part of a Chanoeka in corona time live-streaming concert in an empty Recital Hall of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. Jewish folk music in classical setting. 

 Produced by Barry Mehler/©Jewish Music Concerts Foundation 

Played by JACE: Michel Marang, Noa Eyl, Larissa Groeneveld, Julia Dinerstein, Dmitry Ivanov, Jesse Feves